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We offer comprehensive interior design services to meet your bespoke requirements

1. Assess, Plan, Design, and Implement

We first establish what you want to do – The Design Brief – then plan, design, and present illustrated concepts,  schemes, and schedules for your build, refurbishment, renovation, decoration, conversion, or extension project.

We undertake whole home or single room projects with an equal commitment to excellence: kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, dressing rooms, living rooms, family rooms, home cinemas, garden rooms, garage conversion, and we have also designed for special needs.

Spatial Planning ensures that the flow from one room to another, including the placement of doors and windows, are practical and logical. Our clients frequently highlight this as the most important ‘hidden’ element in the comfort and contentment factor of their home.

A Furniture Plan enables us to assemble, schedule, and cost the appropriate products and services, as well as ensuring that your room’s function is achieved and enhanced. Proportion, sight-lines, lighting casts, and optimum scale and positioning for furniture are all meticulously planned and modeled.

Lighting Schemes enable us to achieve the optimum pairing of beauty and utility. Lighting can be specified for variations in ambience and function, with an appreciation of the available natural light, seasonal and daily variances. We design, specify, and source a comprehensive range of fixed and decorative light fittings.

Electrical Plans specify the precise positioning and types of sockets and outlets for lighting and equipment, and in relation to the furniture plan. It enables the construction team to anticipate any loading requirements, and can be tailored for AV and Smart Home applications.

Finishes and Furnishings are, of course, sourced with the utmost care and attention to quality, detail, and fair trade practices.

2. Bespoke Furnishings

Despite the incredible range and variety of furniture, coverings, lighting, and housewares on the market, there is always a need to have pieces made to measure.
We specialise in unique furnishing designs, made just for you, with a perfect fit for your overall scheme.

Here are some examples –

Upholstered Furniture: It’s important that size, style and fabric are selected to suit your scheme. However, one size doesn’t fit all and you may want to change the size and filling of your sofa cushions for example.

Headboards, Sofas, easy chairs and dining chairs, ottomans and blanket boxes. Size, shape, fabric, and detailing can all be customised to suit your requirements.

Custom Furniture designed and made to fit small, large, or awkward spaces. Library and display cabinets and shelving, wardrobes, bedside tables, chests of drawers, and dining tables can all be tailored to your unique space.

Soft Furnishings for indoors and outdoors; cushions, throws, bed covers and bedding, table cloths; if you can dream it, we can provide it.

Window Furnishings: hand-sewn curtains, blinds, and pelmets exquisitely made to fit and drape beautifully. The selection of your pole or track system will be guided to ensure a perfect match for all your scheme’s elements. We can also specify and arrange motorised systems for curtains and blinds, either remote controlled, or to integrate with your Smart Home technology.

Rugs: custom colour, size, and design – we can do it all.

Glass, Art and Sculpture, designed, commissioned, and sourced on request.

3. Visit our Showroom


Enjoy your own private and safe shopping event at our showroom for that special gift, piece of original art, soft furnishings or a specific piece of furniture. By arrangement bespoke jewellery too.

Please use the contact page, complete your details and type ‘request an appointment’ in the project details box.

How much do we charge for our services?

We recognise that every project is different and unique to each client. In order to plan and cost fairly and consistently we use the RIBA Plan of Work 2013 to establish the complexity and nature of the interior design services and time needed to deliver the project to the required standard. A detailed Fee Proposal for Interior Design Services is presented to you for consideration and approval. Typically, The Concept Design Phase is proposed as a fixed fee, the Developed, Technical and Construction phases are charged for resources as used.